Hi, my name is Pavel and I'm a wordpress developer and website designer.

wordpress developer, designer web
  • I'm a web developer/designer who specializes in front-end(JavaScript, HTML, CSS) and wordpress development with over 8 years experience in the industry.
  • While I specialize in front-end development and WordPress, in between client projects I’m also working on personal projects.
  • Most of my knowledge comes from reading, creating, and learning from those I've worked with along the time.
  • Skype: ilimitless.
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Freelance Wordpress Developer, Ukraine, Russia

Freelance Designer of WP themes developer in ukraine or russia

Hire a freelance wp themes developer in ukraine or Russia. You can hire me as freelancer to create a custom wordpress theme for your needs or to rebuild/customize your existing wordpress theme.

Proficient in freelance WordPress (and other common CMS's like Drupal, Joomla, Bitrix, Modx, Magento etc.) development freelancer also with working knowledge of JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Mootools; knowledge PHP and GIT. Competent in providing an accurate estimate for a project when given the brief.
Powerfull knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, designer skills. Freelancer is fluent in English with the ability to effectively explain your thought processes and perspectives behind each decision.

Hire freelance developer and designer in Ukraine or Russia. Contact freelancer in Russia or Ukraine.

Concise and talented frontend wordpress developer and web designer. I like receive client projects of varying size and complexity ranging from landing pages, web stores, ecommerce, website updates or fully fledged new php projects. If you looking for Senior Web Developer (5+ years of experienced) you can hire me for your design or other web project. I'm not afraid take on big challenges and solve them with cutting edge mobile technology. I have some experience with AngularJS, Senior JS, HTML5, CSS3 developer and ECMAScript 2015.
Single-page applications development experience and understanding of various REST APIs